About Mainstream Metals

Company's History


Established in 2012, Mainstream Metals Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Iron & Metal. AIM is a Canadian company with global reach which has been serving the metal industry since 1936. Specializing in the recuperation of scrap metal by-products, AIM recycles them into precious raw materials. From the factories from which they buy their scrap metal to be recuperated, to the foundries to which they resell the finished product, AIM plays an important role and has established an unparalleled reputation built as much on integrity as its commitment to its clients. AIM recuperates, weighs, sorts, conditions and recycles scrap metals like iron, steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and many alloys.

AIMís success rests on several key factors: the reliability of its quality control, a transportation network which is adaptable to client needs, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, top-flight facilities, cutting edge laboratories, heavy volume of scrap metal sales wordwide and the unparalleled wealth of experience of its personnel. Both management and staff understand the importance of their role in maximizing economic potential of metal.

Metals Business

In 2012 American Iron & Metal established a metals distribution and processing facility in Burlington, Ontario by the name of Mainstream Metals Inc. Mainstream continues to expand its products and services to customers in Ontario, Quebec, and other select areas in Canada and the United States.

Health and Safety

Mainstream Metals continually strives to create a work environment that is free from accidents and injury. Our health and safety standards are enforced throughout the organization from the shop floor to the offices. We provide education, training and awareness so that all employees know how to be accountable for their health and safety as well as the safety of their co-workers and visitors.

Working safely is a condition of employment at Mainstream Metals. We feel that all employees have a responsibility to themselves, their family, their co-workers and to the company to follow safe working procedures, to be aware of all hazards and take appropriate action at all times.